Agno, Pangasinan Escapade

As seen on maps, the municipality of Agno is located at the western most part of Pangasinan, giving it abundant beaches and coves that are truly breath taking. In this blog, I will introduce you to three of the most visited beaches in Agno. 

Umbrella Rocks, Sabangan Beach

Known for its beautiful rock formations which, as the name denotes, are shaped like that of an umbrella. The beach is suitable for the young and the old, and children loves to play and swim to the holes and pools that varies in size, shapes and depths. You'll also enjoy snorkeling here for it is timing with corals, fishes and other sea creatures. During low tide, you can walk along the coast line and look for shells and fishes that were trapped in the holes.

When you're done swimming, you could lie down the fine sand or some build sand castles. You could also hike up the light house for an aerial view of the beach and there's also a trail that will lead you to a cave. When you are tired for the day, you can pitch up tents or rent one of the newly constructed rooms and cottages in the area.

Abagatanen Cove

Around 4 kilometer from Sabangan beach you will reach the Abagatanen cove where the waves are up and the sand is golden brown. There are cottages and air-conditioned rooms for rent in this area, but you could also must bring umbrellas and mats for chieper costs. The water is very clear and is suitable for fishing and snorkeling. 

Bangul and Bunga Beach, Aloleng

On the other side of Sabangan you will see the Bunga Beach. Bangul is what they call the elevated seabed where in you could walk along its ledge during low tides. There is a part on ledge where the rock is like the nose that is sneezing or spraying water which is formed by the waves hitting the rocks. 

Bunga beach its sandy coastline and strong waves, you will surely enjoy jumping and swimming to its waves


I posted here our was last trips itinerary for Umbrella Rocks, Bunga and Abagatanen Beach. I hope you'll enjoy and have much fun as we did! ;)


2 Day Itinerary Proposal
Bunga - Abagatanen - Umbrella Rocks

Day 1

01:00AM            ETD to Agno, Pangasinan

06:30AM            ETA to Agno, Breakfast, buy baon at Public market

07:45AM            Travel to Bunga Beach

08:00-09:00PM  Bangul 

09:00-12:45PM  Bunga Beach

01:00-01:40PM  travel to Abagatanen Beach

02:00-05:00PM  Abagatanen Beach

05:15-05:30PM  Travel to Umbrella Rocks

05:30PM            Overnight at Umbrella Rocks


Day 2
06:00-01:00PM  Explore Umbrella Rocks

02:00PM             Travel back to Manila

08:00PM            ETA to Manila


Estimated Expenses

Umbrella Rocks Parking - P25
Urocks Entrance – P10
Urocks Cottages – Inquire to Cezar Natino 09184783654

    Five Star, Solid North, or Dagupan Bus with straight route to Agno (Terminals are at Cubao and Pasay).
Bus Fare: P370-Ordinary Fair/P460-AirCon
Trike to Bunga/Bangul: P250 – two way/3-4pax
Trike to Abagatanen: P400 – two way/3-4pax
               *additional fare for Abagatanen to Umbrella Rocks


Gas 2way – P2000

Toll Fee 2way - 800