10 Ways to Look Busy at Work the IT kind of Way

I beleive that our work office is our second home and we consider our officemates and co-workers as our family and relatives.  But isn't it annoying to have lazy, unhelpful and grumpy colleages? 
Here are a few tricks that they to look busy

1. Stare at the monitor

Open a word processor and random sites on your browser. Then change the website every once in a while or type random texts on the word processor.

2. Slow and Steady

Do your tasks as long as you possibly can. Don't mind the queue building up in front of your table/station, they can transfer to other stations anyway. Or better yet, refer them to your colleges so that they can do the work for you.

3. Visit other departments

Go visit the busy sections of the company and casually talk to someone form that department. Stay as long as you want then when you return to your office, tell a detailed story the events that happened and difficulty of the task you have done (even if there is none).

4. Never answer the phone

Let it ring until someone else answer it. Just continue staring at your monitor and pretending that you are typing or doing something. 

5. The By-Stander

Stand at the back or side of someone who is busy and make some observations and side comments or engage in a conversation with that person. This way, you'll appear to be helpful and knowledgable even if your not.

6. Long Conversations

Make your conversations as long as possible. Ask every detail that you can think of, even if it isn't really nescesary to the task at hand.

7. Suck Up

Be the first to report that the issue has been resolved when in fact all you did was watch your teammate fix the problem

8. Backup

Volunteer to back up the back ups. It usually eats a lot of time to backup databases so you'll have an ample time to stare at the monitor or do whatever your heart desires. Upgrading of servers is also a good alternative.

9. Tag Team

Approuch your favorite busy buddy and together do the a single task. Engage in an conversation which is not related to the task at hand, when done planning, do the task slowly and as stuburnly as you can, stopping every once in a while to talk to your busy buddy.

10. Reporting

Every once in a while, you visit you'r boss' office and report what you have done today, weither its a simple or elaborate task, just tell it anyway. Make it as lengthy as you would or as long as you're boss alows you to. 
As a brief summary, I therefore conclude that a lot of talking and standing isn't considered working. Any traits you find annoying? Feel free to leave a comment ;)