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As of writing, all EDU.PH domains are offline. The reason behind is a single point of failure at PHNET domain registrar.

How to create easy to remember complex passwords

To be able to create a complex password, you have to use the upper and lower case alphabet, numbers, symbols, and punctuations. But the question is, how the hell am I going to remember it? Once you learn the secret, it will be easy as pie.

How hackers crack passwords and how to defend from it

A hacker uses a password cracking tool that will try to login to your account by trying all the possible password combination. A password cracking tool can test 1,953,000 passwords per second or even faster, depending on the hackers resource.

How to make your account difficult to hack

Applications and data are now moving from your desktop to the cloud, and the easiest way to access them is through your account. Providers placed security measures to prevent hackers from getting into their servers and to your valuable data.